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Some Great Slot Games of 2020

Are you still confused with which trendy slot game to play in 2020? Or do you want to be the first player to get your hands on the latest slot games? Then this article will highlight each of this trending slots mode. Therefore you do not have to be left out in playing the advanced slots games.

Moreover, the presence of many game developers makes the slots game to change. These developers seek to develop an advanced game with distinguishable features. They also place affordable and customized betting protocols. The NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech are some of these developers’ firms.

These trendy games of 2020 hence include


How awesome would it be fighting with an opponent while making money? Then it all matters with the strategy you use in this game. NetEnt is the company that developed the Streetfighter slot game. The game also comes with resourceful packages. These packages include an amusing battle mode, Resourceful bonuses, free fights, an Avalanche scheme, and many other genres.

In this game, you are given a selection of picking your best fighter. These fighters include Ryu, Chun Li, Blanka, Zangief, and others. In this case, every warrior has ratings, which is the percentage return to player (RTP). Like in this case, Ryu has lower ratings than Chun Li. Thus if you choose Ryu, you will be beaten by Chun Li.

Charlie Chance in Hell to pay

If you want a game with splendid graphics, then choose this one. Additionally, you will find jazzy tunes that make you’re playing lively. This Charlie chance play is an enthralling animation game. The Charlie’s Chances slot has white-black and animation elements that are distinct and almost similar to Mickey Mouse.

The game is unique because it adopts a reel-fruits protocol. The fruits symbols were a traditional way of spinning the reels. The game’s bonuses are also accommodative to any player. Even its earnings come instantly.

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Pink Elephants 2

Here the trick is locating the pinky elephants. There are also goats heads symbol, but your priority is the pink elephants. You have to grind wisely in finding those elephants. Remember that each elephant you identify is a bonus to you. The game also boasts of a higher Return to Player (RTP). Therefore the chances of winning are immense. This is another great release by Thunder Kick Games.


If you love superpowers action or games, then 4Suad is your pick. For some time, superhero games have been absent. But watch out in 2020 because they are coming back. This 4Squad club consists of four powerful stars. Their different powers influence their ratings. Most significantly, the powerful Red Tiger is worth the stake. For that reason, bet on him to acquire more bonuses and more playing reels.

Dead or Alive II

If you played dead or alive season one, then you know how captivating the game is. The slot even earned reviews as one of the best online slots. The slot had impressive background music and graphics. There is also a jackpot of two million coins in this platform

Therefore, if such features are found in Dead or Alive episode one, what do you expect in season two? Indeed, it will carry breathtaking aspects.

Queen Day Tilt

Do you fancy fairytale stories? Then consider betting on Queen Day Tilt. It has been in existence since February the previous year, and it will flourish in 2020. In this slot, knights are fighting for recognition and love from their queen. Therefore they have to demonstrate brevity by fighting till their last breath.

In this slot, it comes with higher winning chances of over 96 RTP ratings. There is also a great winning caps. That includes a probability of earning five-thousand times your bet. If therefore you utilize the game’s free spins or bonuses you’re earning will increase.

Luminous life

If you want marine life to become a reality, then play this slot. The game depicts marine life found under the deep sea. Mostly, these creatures glow, thereby entitling the game ‘luminous.’ The game has been existence since 2019, and it will still be found in 2020.

Luminous slots contain seventy-five thousand jackpot and betting of 0.20 to 300 points. By its graphics, the game is also alluring.

Strolling Staxx

The slots are likely to appear in 2020 and the future after it was established in 2019. Strolling Staxx is an upgrade of fruit slots game, and Netent is the game’s pioneer. It features fruits as the reeling symbols. The fruits include square-like melons, strawberries, plums, and cherries.

Strolling Staxx has fascinating visuals of the fruits. However, its Return to Play is ninety-five percent, which is somehow unsatisfactory.

Family guy

If you are a lover of family guy drams series, then there is a family guy slot for you. Since its development by IGT in 2015, it has made tremendous feat. That feat includes its resourceful bonus and multiple reels

The play mode acquires a soundtrack and themes similar to that of a family guy movie. Its animation scenes make the game lively. Its symbols are A, K, Q, J, and many others. Your betting range falls between one and thirty slots.

In this game, you bet on its scenes, episodes, and characters. Moreover, every character in the game has contrasting ratings. .For example, movie stars like Peter, Lois, Brian, and others have their winning ratings. Therefore you have to follow keenly on this program and stake the profitable character or episode.

Alien slot

The Alien slot deals with fighting the aliens. You have to fight many aliens on the way before assassinating their leader. By assassinating the alien’s queen, you achieve a jackpot. However, that is not easy. That is because you are involved in vigorous combat with the opponents that even you have to use ammo.

The slot contains five rounds and fifteen pay lines. The game symbols include aliens, monsters, and the unhatched egg. Every symbol here bears a different payout value. Most notably, the monster has the highest ratings, while the unhatched egg is less worth.

Also, the game contains three levels. The first level is searching and destroying the unhatched alien’s eggs. The second level is killing the alien. At the third level, you will face the monster who is the queen of aliens. If you kill the queen, you achieve a jackpot.

Egypt story

Since its release in 2018, by Agames firm, the slot has been active to date. The game is an upgrade to the book of Ra. The jackpot here is the gold and other treasures that you have to collect. The game primarily features Egyptian symbols like the pyramid, mummies, pharaohs, and other characters.

You have to fight the powerful gods of Egypt to obtain the treasure. Therefore the moment you kill those gods, your bet earnings grow. Consequently, if you get the treasure, then that is your big win.


Inspired by the Viking show, this slot is a replica of that series. Attacking and conquering different regions is one way to collect bonuses and jackpot. Developed in 2018 by Netent Company, the game boasts a 96 RTP. That certainly takes you closer to your profit structure. The game has five rounds of spins where which offers a jackpot of a million coins