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ICT Magazine is an independent agency that aims to help our users learn about the dangers of being unaware of how complex the CMS market is while providing tips on how to maximize the potential of management systems for casino companies.

We create solutions for the issues faced by casino companies when it comes to casino management systems. We believe having no knowledge regarding these systems can and will cause the downfall of organizations.

We aim to prevent such event from happening by providing tips on how to select legitimate CMS market providers and how to utilize their systems to drive revenues for casino companies.

Our Founder

Our founder here at ICT Magazine is Corey Paul. He’s the one who manages our overall content and motivates our team to provide exceptional services to our users.

He resides in Christchurch, New Zealand, which is the main reason why our content revolves mostly around casino companies that are located in New Zealand.

Our Team

Our team is made up of experienced researchers, writers, and strategists that have years of experience in the information and communications technology industry.

Their expertise, along with our founder, makes it possible for ICT Magazine to provide a consistent stream of posts that help casino companies when it comes to management systems.

Our Mission

Our mission here at ICT Magazine is to equip our users with actionable advice and tips so they may be able to steer away from complications of the CMS market.

Our team have years of experience in the industry and we know very well how dangerous it is to opt for casino management systems from information and communications technology companies.

Some companies have fallen from such traps and they either have their confidential information leaked, shared, and publicized. Some may even experience having their database breached after opting for the wrong provider in the CMS market.

We fill our website with content that helps our users become aware of these issues. We believe with our tips; casino companies will have a better understanding of the CMS market and the information and communications technology industry.

What We Do

Our services involve providing tips and advice to casino companies on how they should select their provider of management systems. We also offer tips on how to make the most out of these technologies.

In addition to our free content, we also provide live support and consultation for those who are looking for more personal assistance when it comes to choosing CMS providers.