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Some Great Lesser Known Slot Game Developers

Online casinos, you should know, do not create their own games, but they rely on game developers to create games for their platforms. The developers are in charge of the artwork, gameplay, and quite simply, the overall beauty of the games that you play. Sometimes, these developers create the entire platform that the online casino will utilize for your gameplay. Everyone knows about the most popular names in slot game development including NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Playtech, ELK Studios, Microgaming, and more. Some great lesser-known game developers are beginning to lead the pack right now though and are truly offering innovative gameplay.


Thunderkick was developed by Swedish developers in 2012, making the developing company over eight years old. The games that have come from Thunderkick are some of the most creative and unique that are currently on the market. These have included casino games such as Birds on a Wire. Birds on a Wire is known for the unique setting that the game takes place in and the beautiful artwork that is utilized in the game. The motto of the company truly simply goes into detail to showcase their pride as it reads “We are Thunderkick, and we make games.” Any game that is made by Thunderkick is immediately available in over 30 languages. This makes it great for international players and for anyone to play the games that the company puts forth. Every game released by the company is only of the highest quality which is evidenced by the beauty found in every game. On top of this, the games are truly an immersive experience so that you are engaged every step of the way while you are playing the game. This is a name that is becoming bigger and bigger in the slot game world.

SoftSwiss Casino Software

SoftSwiss Casino Software was developed in 2008, so it has been around for over a decade and is severely underrepresented. This is one of those slot game developers that not only create games, but it also creates entire platforms for online casinos to utilize to host their games on. On top of this, the company also provides tech support, web design, and other tools to ensure your online casino is one of the greatest. The company has made over 1000 games since its beginnings, including the ever-popular slot games. SoftSwiss also supports bitcoin so that users can utilize this e-currency when placing bets in the online casinos. You will also find that the artwork is visually appealing so that every customer is captivated when they are playing the games. This is a company that will truly be continuing to grow in the casino games industry, so much so as that it has the possibility of being competition to some of the top developers in the future. SoftSwiss Casino Software has developed some of the best games in the market including Johnny the Octopus, Crazy Starter, and many more.

slot mahince play - Some Great Lesser Known Slot Game Developers


BetSpot is an extremely flexible slot game developer in the online casino world. They are not afraid to make changes when technological advancements require changes to keep up with the rest of the competitors. They are also continually developing with the latest and greatest smartphones to ensure mobile applications are always working their best when under the BetSpot name. BetSpot is a relatively new developer though, so not many other developers or customers have heard about this platform yet. It is growing though to be on the list with some of the best slot game developers. BetSpot creates 3D style slot games that have fun and entertaining graphics. Every game is user-friendly and easy to play so that anyone can understand the technicalities and the functions of every slot game that is played. Graphics are also almost realistic when considering the 3D features that are incorporated in the design of BetSpot’s games. BetSpot even offers betting strategies, including sports betting, through their mobile applications to ensure you are ready to earn the money you deserve. BetSpot is there for its users to ensure that everyone has a fun and profitable experience when using the games.


Quickspin was launched in 2011 in Sweden under some of the best game developers in the nation. It is known for creating some of the most popular slot games that are available in online casinos now including Big Bad Wolf, Sakura Fortune, and even Big Bot Crew. The games have beautiful graphics that tell a certain type of story so people keep coming back for more to play the games. Quickspin also has tools to assist the owners of online casinos through their subsidiary Quickspin Promote to help with marketing tools and business and technological needs. The three people who developed Quickspin were tired of seeing only cheaply made games that were not intriguing in their storylines. They created games that they thought anyone would like to play, considering even themselves. The company was actually acquired by Playtech in 2016 to assist in expanding the company to where it is now available in over 29 countries around the world. The people who work at Quickspin are diverse in every way, so they also believe that they should create games that are diverse so that players from all walks of life can relate to the games.

Play n GO

Play n GO, though their names may not be known outright, have created some of the most played online slot games. This includes the popular game that is called Book of Dead. The game is extremely diverse in its game selections though, as it has done so much more than just creating slot games. They have even created tabletop style games, online poker, online bingo, and even online scratch cards for their users to enjoy. You will find extremely diverse storylines and themes created at Play n GO as well including information from Henry VII to information on modern hip-hop. Play n GO was also developed in Sweden and prides itself on releasing more games than any other company. This does not mean that the company neglects quality in the creation of their games though, as the graphics are of the highest quality with great storylines. Play n GO also prides itself on having the tools to help your online casino in functioning the best for its customers as well, as the team believes in keeping up with the latest technological advancements and the latest smartphones on the market.

Final Thoughts

Slot game developers come from all over the world and influence some of the most popular games that online casinos use. Though there are many popular slot game developers, these lesser-known developers have created some of the most beautiful and most intriguing slot games for online casinos. Each developer has done something different to keep customers coming back to see the newest game and the newest release, bringing about significant profit to online casinos. These top companies need to be on the lookout for these lesser-known companies as they continue to grow and develop.