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Is Virtual Reality the Future of Online Casinos

It seems that nowadays many casinos are trying to experiment with technology. When it comes to slot machines, casinos are trying to make the games more eye-grabbing and more immersive for the player. It seems that as the player walks through the casino slots are getting both bigger and has more features to them that will keep the player on the seat betting. When it comes to blackjack and roulette, much of the game has been computerized. Now any player can play on a computer version of blackjack and roulette in the casino. One thing that many casinos are thinking about adding to their investments is with virtual reality technology, or more commonly shortened to VR. VR is a relatively new technology. It involves a device that is put in the head that covers the eyes, and then the person wearing it only sees the screen in the VR set. This is an editing new technology that many industries such as gaming are taking advantage of. Casinos are now using this technology to immerse the player into slot games, blackjack, roulette, and also have thought about connecting to a home VR set so the person can get an immersive casino experience from home. VR can give players both at home and in the casino a new interactive experience that the casino can use to draw in more novice gamblers, and people that normally do not do a lot of gambling in the casino. Here are some ways that casinos will be using VR to improve the gambling experience for their players.

The first big way that VR will impact the casino industry is through common games like slots and table games to be attached to it. A great example of this is slot games. VR can add a whole new level to many games now that the player can be fully immersed in it. VR sets come with controllers, so the player can use it to press the buttons on the slot. One of the more interesting things about VR is that now, the casino does not even have to have a physical slot machine. They can just load up the slot game on the VR set then let the players upload digital currency to the game. In the future as VR technology develops this can be a big cost-saver both on buying the slot machines and for electricity costs associated with running many slot machines in the casino. With table games, now the casino does not even have to have a live dealer or real table. The player can put on the VR headset and then digitally see the table and the cards being dealt with. While many players will still want that physical casino experience, many players might find this new VR experience to be exciting and wan to come to the casino. Players that normally do not go to the casino a lot can be excited and drawn in by this new VR casino experience. Instead of having to hire dealers, now all of this can be done virtually with VR.

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One interesting thing that VR adds to the casino experience is that now many new slots can be added to the casino. Not only slots but gambling games. Before, a casino only had enough space on the floor to put in slots. Often the casino had to consider what would cost the most and what would earn them the most money. Now that VR has advanced so far, now casinos do not have to worry about this cost/profit calculation. Any casino could easily add on the VR system new slots or casino games, then be ready to welcome in the players. FOr the gambler that wants a wide range of different slot games to play on, this can be a big moneymaker for the casino. VR sets can be expensive, but over time as the technology associated with the advances, the price of a VR headset will start to go down. Buying in bulk can be a great way for the casino to save some money. Deals can be made with the VR companies so that the casino can get a good price. An interesting aspect of casino VR is that now VR game companies are dedicating their time to build up their portfolio fo gambling games instead of other video games. This will create a new sub-industry in VR dedicated to making casino games to sell to the casino indie of more traditional video game models.

Something that might cause some controversy in the future will be the addition of VR to online casinos. Many players now are deciding to bet instead on online casinos instead of traditional brick and mortar casinos because of being able to bet anywhere, to be able to bet on their devices, and also the game selection on the online casino. If VR were working on an online casino, now the player can be much more fully immersed in the casino experience instead of clicking on a computer. This can be a massive game-changer to online casinos. One of the biggest complaints of online gamblers is that they want a better casino experience. They want to be able to fully see the table, talk to the dealer, and have the sights and sounds of a regular casino that they can not get with an online casino. VR can help this, as noises can be added to the VR headset. The issue with this is that online casinos will have to wait until more people have VR headsets and that the price for one of these starts to come down as well so that the average player can afford to buy one. A mic could be set up the VR headset so the player can talk to the dealer or talk to the fellow players last the table. This could be a great way in the future for the novice player to be able to gamble socially with their friends from the comfort of their own home.

Now that VR is changing how people think about technology, it seems that almost every industry is trying to catch up with this new trend. From video game makers trying to make games that can be used with VR, to casinos thinking about ways to include it into their game options, every business is trying to catch up with this new technology. Casinos can use it for many things, such as immersing the player into a new experience or adding new games to the casino. More and more casinos are trying to appeal to the younger gambler that might not be going to the casino as much as older gamblers do. Adding VR to a casino lineup fo options can be a great way to entice a younger crowd to come to the casino. As technology advances, more and more gambling regulators will be interested in learning more about this new technology, and how it will be used in the casino. There might come a time when the casino has to get a special license to offer VR gambling, especially if they want to also add the option to their online gambling. As VR technology advances and becomes cheaper, it seems that nearly every casino will want to cash in on this exciting new trend in technology. Soon maybe every slot and table game will be able to be played using a VR headset.