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Some Great Slot Games of 2020

Are you still confused with which trendy slot game to play in 2020? Or do you want to be the first player to get your hands on the latest slot games? Then this article will highlight each of this trending slots mode. Therefore you do not have to be left out in playing the advanced slots games.

Moreover, the presence of many game developers makes the slots game to change. These developers seek to develop an advanced game with distinguishable features. They also place affordable and customized betting protocols. The NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech are some of these developers’ firms.

These trendy games of 2020 hence include


How awesome would it be fighting with an opponent while making money? Then it all matters with the strategy you use in this game. NetEnt is the company that developed the Streetfighter slot game. The game also comes with resourceful packages. These packages include an amusing battle mode, Resourceful bonuses, free fights, an Avalanche scheme, and many other genres.

In this game, you are given a selection of picking your best fighter. These fighters include Ryu, Chun Li, Blanka, Zangief, and others. In this case, every warrior has ratings, which is the percentage return to player (RTP). Like in this case, Ryu has lower ratings than Chun Li. Thus if you choose Ryu, you will be beaten by Chun Li.

Charlie Chance in Hell to pay

If you want a game with splendid graphics, then choose this one. Additionally, you will find jazzy tunes that make you’re playing lively. This Charlie chance play is an enthralling animation game. The Charlie’s Chances slot has white-black and animation elements that are distinct and almost similar to Mickey Mouse.

The game is unique because it adopts a reel-fruits protocol. The fruits symbols were a traditional way of spinning the reels. The game’s bonuses are also accommodative to any player. Even its earnings come instantly.

PostImage Strengthening the Existing Protection Slotmachines on the sideview - Some Great Slot Games of 2020

Pink Elephants 2

Here the trick is locating the pinky elephants. There are also goats heads symbol, but your priority is the pink elephants. You have to grind wisely in finding those elephants. Remember that each elephant you identify is a bonus to you. The game also boasts of a higher Return to Player (RTP). Therefore the chances of winning are immense. This is another great release by Thunder Kick Games.


If you love superpowers action or games, then 4Suad is your pick. For some time, superhero games have been absent. But watch out in 2020 because they are coming back. This 4Squad club consists of four powerful stars. Their different powers influence their ratings. Most significantly, the powerful Red Tiger is worth the stake. For that reason, bet on him to acquire more bonuses and more playing reels.

Dead or Alive II

If you played dead or alive season one, then you know how captivating the game is. The slot even earned reviews as one of the best online slots. The slot had impressive background music and graphics. There is also a jackpot of two million coins in this platform

Therefore, if such features are found in Dead or Alive episode one, what do you expect in season two? Indeed, it will carry breathtaking aspects.

Queen Day Tilt

Do you fancy fairytale stories? Then consider betting on Queen Day Tilt. It has been in existence since February the previous year, and it will flourish in 2020. In this slot, knights are fighting for recognition and love from their queen. Therefore they have to demonstrate brevity by fighting till their last breath.

In this slot, it comes with higher winning chances of over 96 RTP ratings. There is also a great winning caps. That includes a probability of earning five-thousand times your bet. If therefore you utilize the game’s free spins or bonuses you’re earning will increase.

Luminous life

If you want marine life to become a reality, then play this slot. The game depicts marine life found under the deep sea. Mostly, these creatures glow, thereby entitling the game ‘luminous.’ The game has been existence since 2019, and it will still be found in 2020.

Luminous slots contain seventy-five thousand jackpot and betting of 0.20 to 300 points. By its graphics, the game is also alluring.

Strolling Staxx

The slots are likely to appear in 2020 and the future after it was established in 2019. Strolling Staxx is an upgrade of fruit slots game, and Netent is the game’s pioneer. It features fruits as the reeling symbols. The fruits include square-like melons, strawberries, plums, and cherries.

Strolling Staxx has fascinating visuals of the fruits. However, its Return to Play is ninety-five percent, which is somehow unsatisfactory.

Family guy

If you are a lover of family guy drams series, then there is a family guy slot for you. Since its development by IGT in 2015, it has made tremendous feat. That feat includes its resourceful bonus and multiple reels

The play mode acquires a soundtrack and themes similar to that of a family guy movie. Its animation scenes make the game lively. Its symbols are A, K, Q, J, and many others. Your betting range falls between one and thirty slots.

In this game, you bet on its scenes, episodes, and characters. Moreover, every character in the game has contrasting ratings. .For example, movie stars like Peter, Lois, Brian, and others have their winning ratings. Therefore you have to follow keenly on this program and stake the profitable character or episode.

Alien slot

The Alien slot deals with fighting the aliens. You have to fight many aliens on the way before assassinating their leader. By assassinating the alien’s queen, you achieve a jackpot. However, that is not easy. That is because you are involved in vigorous combat with the opponents that even you have to use ammo.

The slot contains five rounds and fifteen pay lines. The game symbols include aliens, monsters, and the unhatched egg. Every symbol here bears a different payout value. Most notably, the monster has the highest ratings, while the unhatched egg is less worth.

Also, the game contains three levels. The first level is searching and destroying the unhatched alien’s eggs. The second level is killing the alien. At the third level, you will face the monster who is the queen of aliens. If you kill the queen, you achieve a jackpot.

Egypt story

Since its release in 2018, by Agames firm, the slot has been active to date. The game is an upgrade to the book of Ra. The jackpot here is the gold and other treasures that you have to collect. The game primarily features Egyptian symbols like the pyramid, mummies, pharaohs, and other characters.

You have to fight the powerful gods of Egypt to obtain the treasure. Therefore the moment you kill those gods, your bet earnings grow. Consequently, if you get the treasure, then that is your big win.


Inspired by the Viking show, this slot is a replica of that series. Attacking and conquering different regions is one way to collect bonuses and jackpot. Developed in 2018 by Netent Company, the game boasts a 96 RTP. That certainly takes you closer to your profit structure. The game has five rounds of spins where which offers a jackpot of a million coins

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Online Casinos

It seems that nowadays many casinos are trying to experiment with technology. When it comes to slot machines, casinos are trying to make the games more eye-grabbing and more immersive for the player. It seems that as the player walks through the casino slots are getting both bigger and has more features to them that will keep the player on the seat betting. When it comes to blackjack and roulette, much of the game has been computerized. Now any player can play on a computer version of blackjack and roulette in the casino. One thing that many casinos are thinking about adding to their investments is with virtual reality technology, or more commonly shortened to VR. VR is a relatively new technology. It involves a device that is put in the head that covers the eyes, and then the person wearing it only sees the screen in the VR set. This is an editing new technology that many industries such as gaming are taking advantage of. Casinos are now using this technology to immerse the player into slot games, blackjack, roulette, and also have thought about connecting to a home VR set so the person can get an immersive casino experience from home. VR can give players both at home and in the casino a new interactive experience that the casino can use to draw in more novice gamblers, and people that normally do not do a lot of gambling in the casino. Here are some ways that casinos will be using VR to improve the gambling experience for their players.

The first big way that VR will impact the casino industry is through common games like slots and table games to be attached to it. A great example of this is slot games. VR can add a whole new level to many games now that the player can be fully immersed in it. VR sets come with controllers, so the player can use it to press the buttons on the slot. One of the more interesting things about VR is that now, the casino does not even have to have a physical slot machine. They can just load up the slot game on the VR set then let the players upload digital currency to the game. In the future as VR technology develops this can be a big cost-saver both on buying the slot machines and for electricity costs associated with running many slot machines in the casino. With table games, now the casino does not even have to have a live dealer or real table. The player can put on the VR headset and then digitally see the table and the cards being dealt with. While many players will still want that physical casino experience, many players might find this new VR experience to be exciting and wan to come to the casino. Players that normally do not go to the casino a lot can be excited and drawn in by this new VR casino experience. Instead of having to hire dealers, now all of this can be done virtually with VR.

PostImage Internet and Gambling woman using laptop on coffee shop 768x511 - Is Virtual Reality the Future of Online Casinos

One interesting thing that VR adds to the casino experience is that now many new slots can be added to the casino. Not only slots but gambling games. Before, a casino only had enough space on the floor to put in slots. Often the casino had to consider what would cost the most and what would earn them the most money. Now that VR has advanced so far, now casinos do not have to worry about this cost/profit calculation. Any casino could easily add on the VR system new slots or casino games, then be ready to welcome in the players. FOr the gambler that wants a wide range of different slot games to play on, this can be a big moneymaker for the casino. VR sets can be expensive, but over time as the technology associated with the advances, the price of a VR headset will start to go down. Buying in bulk can be a great way for the casino to save some money. Deals can be made with the VR companies so that the casino can get a good price. An interesting aspect of casino VR is that now VR game companies are dedicating their time to build up their portfolio fo gambling games instead of other video games. This will create a new sub-industry in VR dedicated to making casino games to sell to the casino indie of more traditional video game models.

Something that might cause some controversy in the future will be the addition of VR to online casinos. Many players now are deciding to bet instead on online casinos instead of traditional brick and mortar casinos because of being able to bet anywhere, to be able to bet on their devices, and also the game selection on the online casino. If VR were working on an online casino, now the player can be much more fully immersed in the casino experience instead of clicking on a computer. This can be a massive game-changer to online casinos. One of the biggest complaints of online gamblers is that they want a better casino experience. They want to be able to fully see the table, talk to the dealer, and have the sights and sounds of a regular casino that they can not get with an online casino. VR can help this, as noises can be added to the VR headset. The issue with this is that online casinos will have to wait until more people have VR headsets and that the price for one of these starts to come down as well so that the average player can afford to buy one. A mic could be set up the VR headset so the player can talk to the dealer or talk to the fellow players last the table. This could be a great way in the future for the novice player to be able to gamble socially with their friends from the comfort of their own home.

Now that VR is changing how people think about technology, it seems that almost every industry is trying to catch up with this new trend. From video game makers trying to make games that can be used with VR, to casinos thinking about ways to include it into their game options, every business is trying to catch up with this new technology. Casinos can use it for many things, such as immersing the player into a new experience or adding new games to the casino. More and more casinos are trying to appeal to the younger gambler that might not be going to the casino as much as older gamblers do. Adding VR to a casino lineup fo options can be a great way to entice a younger crowd to come to the casino. As technology advances, more and more gambling regulators will be interested in learning more about this new technology, and how it will be used in the casino. There might come a time when the casino has to get a special license to offer VR gambling, especially if they want to also add the option to their online gambling. As VR technology advances and becomes cheaper, it seems that nearly every casino will want to cash in on this exciting new trend in technology. Soon maybe every slot and table game will be able to be played using a VR headset.

The Best Casino Game Developers

Over the years, the gambling world has witnessed the ever-increasing popularity of online casino gaming. This can be credited the advancing technology, which has played a significant role in increasing the accessibility of online casino gaming.

This fame was ignited by the countless number of online casinos being established all over the world. Software developers do the creation of online casino gaming platforms. Therefore, to achieve a competitive edge in the expanse sea of online casinos, an operator must settle for the high-ranking developers.

Even for new online casinos, the crucial aspect that determines its overall success is determined by the platform. This is significant bait for players. Furthermore, great software will help to retain the players and their loyalty.

Ranking software developers is based on more popularity. There are several factors that an online casino operator should look into beforehand. They include:

Social media integration – for any gaming app, social media linking allows gamers to connect to friends and families. Other than creating a gaming community, this is a free form of advertising.

Cross-platform titles – this technically means that the games can be accessed from numerous systems simultaneously and a gamer can play online from different consoles.

Variety – the platform should offer a wide range of games to accommodate as many players as possible.

Interface – other than being attractive and alluring, the interface should be user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Graphics – spectacularly designed graphics and animations play a crucial role in attracting and retaining players to a platform,

License and security products – other than law requirements, a secure online platform protects the players’ sensitive information. Not only with this protect you from lawsuits, but it also retains a good security reputation. Also, visibility increases site traffic, so investment in a stable security protocol for the site or app.

Games popularity – as an operator, it is vital to have a large variety of games. Nonetheless, your game selection should include what players appreciate and what they prefer. Ensure to check to get ideas on what most players are into.

With the increasing number of software developers, it may prove hectic to find the right software developer. So here is a list of the big-fish of the industry that offers the real deal.


Established in 1996, this software provider has grown to be the most popular in the entire industry. NetEnt provides high-quality and innovative titles, an aspect that has contributed significantly to its initial and continuous success.

Through the years, NetEnt has been on the receiving end of highly coveted and prestigious awards and thus securing the lucrative position of the industry leader.

Offering well over 200 games, the most popular include Gonzo’s Quest, Vikings, Guns N’ Roses, Starburst, and Narcos.

Some of the remarkable features at NetEnt include:

• multiple languages

• currency variety

• spectacular graphics and audio

• pooled jackpots

• custom promos

• user-friendly interface

• live casino feature

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is undoubtedly a world-class leader at live casino operations. With over thirty-five game creation under their title, they are the best software provider for any operator planning to add live casino games onto their platform. The company has production studios all over the world that offer state-of-the-art services. Furthermore, the workforce is comprised of thousands of multi-lingual dealers that work diligently to provide seamless casino experience for the players.

To increase the excitement for players, operators are allowed to incorporate land-based casino games through live streaming. Also, an operator can utilize the available customization options to develop and promote personal brands uniquely.

Popular titles from Evolution Gaming include Dream Catch, and Blackjack, Live Hold’em, Roulette, and For the thrill chasers, other game options include Infinite Blackjack and Lighting Roulette.

Special features of Evolution Gaming

• high loyalty bonuses and revenues

• numerous studios

• variety of customization options

• native speaking dealers

• interactive gameplay

• the extensive live dealer games portfolio


If experience is an essential factor, then Microgaming is the way to go. This software company has over twenty-five years’ experience in the industry. So technically, Microgaming was the trendsetter for other gaming software developers. Several awards later, Microgaming has continued to develop innovative titles over the years. The company continues to revolutionize the gaming industry as we know it.

Even though Microgaming is famous for its video slot collection, they have expanded to include scratch cards games, table games, poker games, and many more options.

Other than the spectacular portfolio of high-quality graphics games and gaming mechanics, the company is a founding member at eCOGRA. Therefore, all games offered by the company are secure, fair, and ready for incorporation.

Recently, Microgaming has introduced branded games to its players, with the most exciting and popular options being Game of Thrones and Jurassic World.

The Mega Moolah slot family is prevalent among the players since it has a distinguished history of paying out note-worthy progressive jackpots in the online gaming industry.

Notable features of Microgaming include:

• expanse games variety

• new games are developed monthly

• the platform has over 500 games

• spectacular graphics

• user friendly

• leading network at progressive networks


Since its establishment in 1999, Playtech has portrayed unending passion for games and the gaming industry. This is visible through their expansive game library. As a leading game supplier, Playtech holds well over 700 titles in their name. This means an operator can access a high-quality suite of Omni-channels through numerous devices.

Other than video slots, the company offers poker, casino, lottery, bingo, and virtual sports. Furthermore, operators spice their casino libraries through the live dealer solutions offered by Playtech.

This award-winning game provider has grown to expand its gaming portfolio to include blockbuster titles such as Robocop, The Matrix, and gladiator, together with DC entertainment figurines such as Justice League, The Dark Night, and Superman. Also, Playtech has gained possession of popular development studios such as Eyecon and Quickspin.

The most sought after titles from Playtech include Age of the Gods, Epic Ape, Buffalo Blitz, and JP.

Impressive features from Playtech include:

• cut-edge technology

• remarkable portfolio of top-level games

• an expanse game library

• complete Omni-channel provision

• wide gaming variety

• Playtech offers the best gaming graphics and audio

ELK Studios

As a recently established software developing company, ELK Studios has established itself as a fast-growing company, to compete alongside companies that have been on the market for years.

Even with the lack of remarkable experience in the industry, ELK is proving to be a game-changer in the gaming industry. The studio company continues to push the existing boundaries by developing the most innovative titles yet.

Like the rest of the platforms, games developed by ELK Studios can be played across several devices. Nonetheless, ELK has also developed a mobile-first approach feature. This allows gamers using their smartphone to experience exciting and high-quality casino experiences. Therefore, if you are a player who is always on the go but like keeping the action steady, ELK Studio is a must-have.

ELK Studios are primarily focused on creating video slots. Regardless, it is their objective to make sure that every player on their platform experiences high engagements through innovative solutions.

ELK offers a unique feature where an operator can link players to compete against each other for extra rewards.

Special features on ELK Studios include:

• multi-player tournaments

• high player engagement

• inspiring themes

• the mobile-first approach feature

• cross-platform

Top Casino Trends of 2020

Over the year’s new trends in Casinos and Online Casinos have changed and improved, many of these changes have either involved changes within the payment methods, payouts, technical support, the variation of games available for players and much more. Some Casinos haven’t gone along with these New Trends of 2020 mainly because their players enjoy their Casino the way it currently is and has stated they wouldn’t want anything to change within the Casino. Other Casinos have changed the way they payout customers, their security department, their display and looks of their Casino as well as the type of game options they offer their Guests and Players. Many of these New Trends gives their Casino more appeal and attracts New Players and Guests to their Casino whether it’s the way they have changed the look of their Casino or if it’s just a recommendation by other fellow Guest who regularly visits the same Casino. Managers and Casino Owners have seen an increase within the past few years of a higher number of newer Guests and Players coming to their Casino and playing or just dining in or staying the night. The reasons why their numbers are increasing is mainly due to how comfortable the Casino is to their Guests and Players, how polite and respectful the Employees are to their Guests and Customers as well as the bright, colorful Casino Games and Slot Machines they have available for their Guests and Players.

Some of these New Trends also includes changes to both Online Casinos as well as Casino Buildings, these changes have positively affected both industries based on how well both of these Casino Platforms perform for their Guests and Players. For Online Casinos one of the bigger changes many Online Casino Companies have upgraded or changed within their online website is their Policies, Restrictions and their Security Database, these changes give the Guest a sense of security while they deposit money on their account to play online Casino Games. Guests enjoy this new change compared to other types of Online Casino websites because they don’t have to worry about anyone stealing their card information because of issues with their database’s protection and policies to protect their Guest’s information. Online Casinos have also changed a few things within their Website or App which includes the Guest’s ability to save their Card information more securely, giving Guests multiple ways of being able to deposit more money on their accounts as well as improving the way their Guests withdrawal their winnings. Sone of the ways Guests can deposit their money includes Bank Cards, Paypal Accounts, Chime Bank Accounts, Federal Credit Union Cards, as well as other types of cards the Guest might have as long as these cards also have a safe and secure policy.

One other new change many Players have noticed is the increased chances of them receiving a Bonus on their Slot Machine Games mainly due to the changes with the Slot Machines. Online Casino Owners have also changed up their Casino Software Developers, these Workers are responsible for ensuring the Websites are running and working properly to make sure Guests who visit their Online Casino Website won’t have to worry about the website crashing or giving the Guest issues with either signing into their Account or playing any Slot Machines or Live Games. With these developmental changes the new Software Developers have also designed and set up new Online Games with more appealing and innovative games for their Guests. Software Developers have also designed a different type of entertainment for their Online Guests and Players which includes Virtual Reality Gaming, this gives players the ability to play real Casino Games with a Virtual Reality headset to allow the Players to feel like they’re actually at the Casino playing real Slot Machines and Live Table Games. Younger players prefer this type of Interactive Gaming experience more compared to regular Online Casino Games mainly because Virtual Reality gives them the same feel and experience just like Video Games which many of them have probably played or grown up with.

featuredImage 5 Expert Tips to Select Software for Your Casino System 1132x509 - Top Casino Trends of 2020

For Guests who might be into Table Games more than Slot Machines or other types of Casino Games, Casino Owners have managed to provide their Guests with more Live Plays which is mainly offered for Online Casinos. This change for Online Casinos allows Guests to play all different types of Live Table Games with Live Events and Live Dealers right from their home on either their Phone or Tablet. New Changes with Casino Slot Machines whether this includes Online Slot Machines or Casino Slot Machines, Owners have discovered there’s been an increase of younger Guests visiting their Casinos and have decided to install Slot Machines which appeal to younger Guests as well as offer Guests new bonuses and weekly giveaways. New games have also been included for Guests to participate in; Sports Betting, this type of Gambling used to be on Online Casino Websites only but now this trend is being introduced to regular Casinos. Many States who are starting to introduce Sports Betting to their Casinos include Arkansas, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and much more. Casinos have seen their customers have drawn to participating in their Sports Betting games mainly because most of their Guests enjoy new games.

Other types of Trends Casinos are participating includes their changes within their Resorts and Hotels, they have changed the design of their Lobbies as well as their Deals and Pricing of their Hotel rooms and other relaxing rooms they may have within their Resorts or Hotels. Developing a calm, relaxing and positive feel is one of the most important aspects many customers enjoy when they stay or book a room at their Hotels and Resorts. Some of these improvements include extending their Lobby, extending their Hotel Building, adding more rooms or entertainment into their Hotels and Resorts as well as changing up the look and style of the hotel rooms. The new changes also include different types of Fine Dining Restaurants within the Casino as well as different changes with food options for Guests and Players to choose from as well as different Room Service options and food choices.

Many of these new changes with both Online Casino websites and regular Casino Systems have increased their revenue and number of visitors and new Players, based on the new Sign up Bonuses and Player Point Systems and Deposit Bonuses. New Deposit Bonuses are mainly offered for Online Casino Games which gives New Players either Match and Play Free Play which means the Casino will match what the Player Deposits as well as Free Spins on certain Slots Machines and Promotions which are mainly provided to New Players. Many Online Casinos have also designed their Betting and Wagering Requirements for all Players to be more reasonable and affordable for their Players which many Players enjoy the most compared to other types of Gambling sites. Along with the changes of the Betting and Wagering aspects of the Slot Machines, Developers have also changed the way their Slot Machines look and have installed New Slot Machines with a higher quality look which offers more Interactive Games for all types of Players.

3 Reasons Why Gambling Industry Managers Should Attend Casino Gaming Events

For gamblers, attending casino gaming events is a must. Perhaps the main reason for this is that it’s a great way to entertain themselves.

However, just as how important it is for gamblers, it’s also critical that gambling industry professionals attend such events. Here we look at the benefits of attending casino gaming events.

It offers networking opportunities for casino companies

PostImage It offers networking opportunities for casino companies lasvegas night time in neon lights - 3 Reasons Why Gambling Industry Managers Should Attend Casino Gaming Events

Casino game conventions and expos are attended by different industries, not just those related to the casino. These include the information and communications technology industry, gaming industry, and more.

That means if you attend as a casino company, you can meet different types of people, and potentially establish a connection with them. You can also collaborate with different industries to help you with casino management, such as the ICT industry.

This is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss if you’re looking to expand your network of connections.

Expand your knowledge with the casino industry

PostImage Expand your knowledge with the casino industry people hands on casino tables - 3 Reasons Why Gambling Industry Managers Should Attend Casino Gaming Events

As previously mentioned, there are many other industries that will attend casino game expos and conventions. This is perhaps due to the fact that they know very well how it can benefit them, too.

This means that you can interact with them and learn more about things that you wouldn’t know otherwise, such as how different industries relate to each other. Plus, you can stay up to date with any news in the industry.

Make a name for yourself

PostImage Make a name for yourself casino building looking up angle view - 3 Reasons Why Gambling Industry Managers Should Attend Casino Gaming Events

Lastly, depending on what impression you can make with the professionals that attend such events, you can make a name for yourself.

This is especially important if you’re looking to seek help from ICT companies. If they determine that your company is worth investing their time and effort on, they might even offer their services to you instead of you opting for them.

As beneficial as it may seem to casino companies to attend such events, it’s important to understand that it may also threaten your position in the industry if you don’t act professionally at these events. That said, make sure to stay cautious and avoid taking unnecessary actions.

Best Kiwi Casino Software

There are many things to consider when deciding on what software to use when setting up a new online casino. There are various factors you will need to take into account from how much you want to from the outsourcing of support services like fraud and player retention to the processing of online payments and what games are available. This article will take you through this process and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of various casino software for people looking to break into the New Zealand online gambling market.
1600px Auckland Anniversary Day firework 2011 - Best Kiwi Casino Software

Deciding Factors

There are a few key factors that need to be taken into account when deciding on what casino software to use when launching an online casino in New Zealand. The key criteria we are going to review are:

What do the best casinos in New Zealand Offer?

Competitor research is critical when starting any new business and it is no different when starting a casino. We started our research by looking at which casinos were featured at Best New Zealand Casinos where they list the best Kiwi casinos. Best NZ casinos explains some of the key factors that Kiwi’s look at when choosing their favourite online casino. According to the website the key criteria when choosing an online casino are:

Casino Software – Does the casino offer your favourite pokie machines, or do they offer enough variety to explore new options?
Payment Methods – You might want to play with Bitcoin or only use Neteller.
Payouts – Do the casino games at this casino payout?
Opening Offer – This is an important deciding factor. You want a strong offer that suits your style of play.
VIP Support – Not everyone is a high roller but if you are, you want a casino that is going to wine and dine you.
Cashout Times – How long does it take to cash out your winnings? Does the casino process cashouts on weekends? What are their withdrawal limits?
Wagering Requirements – What are the wagering requirements on bonuses?
Live Support – Does the casino offer 24/7 support? Can you call a local number? How well-trained are the support staff?

These guidelines assist you in determining which software provider to use. You need to ensure that you can fulfil customer expectations in each area to ensure that you are able to attract casino players in New Zealand.

Casino Services – Outsource, In-House or Hybrid

The key to picking a software provider to to first understand where your team’s strong points and weak points are. Many startups try run very lean initially and look at white label casino software. This is an excellent way to kick start a casino but it is equally as important to understand the ICT contracts that are put in place.

Outsource your casino software

The best two white label software providers are White Hat Gaming and Gaming Innovation Group. Both of these software providers allow you to take various packages depending on the level of support you require from them. They both provide services to a number of New Zealand’s best online casinos too. White Hat Gaming provide the software for JonnyJackpot casino whilst GIG have recently signed a deal to be the service provider for SkyCity Online Casino.
whg logo - Best Kiwi Casino Software
White label casino providers can provide the following services:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Game integration with game suppliers
  • Back-Office player management software (CRM)
  • Email and SMS sending
  • Banking and payment processing
  • Regulatory and legal compliance (Casino Licensing)
  • Fraud and anti money laundering
  • Acquisition software integration
  • Live Chat support
  • Translation services

There is normally a cost associated with each of these services and will require a fair amount of negotiation on your part upfront to ensure that you are not over charged and that you will be able to transfer skills in-house as the business grows.

The one service none of the white label software providers offer is acquisition services. You will always be required to run your casino acquisitions yourself.

In-House Casino Software

There is also the option of running all these services in house and integrating them yourself. This option allows you the flexibility of creating bespoke experiences for your customers that are not as reliant on 3rd parties. You will still be reliant on a number of third party providers.

Creating these solutions in-house will require you to have an experienced team of developers, lawyers, fraud agents, call centre staff and marketeers on board before launching your casino.

The best example of a site that was rated highly on the Best New Zealand Casinos website that runs it’s own in-house software is Lucky Nugget Casino. They site meets all the criteria previously listed and provides an exception casino experience in New Zealand.

Hybrid Casino Approach

The hybrid casino software approach is likely the best way for most casino businesses to go. This would entail running your casino through a white label and negotiating the contract to drop in price as you move services across to your own internal systems. This lets you get the benefit of the experience from the white labels and scale your internal team as your casino grows.

Casino Banking

Banking is an essential component of any online business. If you are unable to process payments you cannot make money. Most online e-commerce business only need to worry about processing payments in to their business but for a casino it is equally as import to allow for easy withdrawals for your customers.

One of the most popular search terms on Google in New Zealand is quick payout casinos which indicates that this is a primary determining factor for Kiwi casino players. It is also very important to allow New Zealanders to deposit, play and withdraw in NZ dollars as the currency conversions are often too expensive for players looking to gamble lower amounts.

The majority of Kiwi’s do not gamble with large amounts of money with many players looking to make an average first deposit amount of around 10 NZD when first joining a casino. This means that you will need to ensure that the transaction fees of your payment provider are low enough that you are able to process these transactions at a profitable rate.

Kiwi Casino Games

The number, quality and variety of casino games offered at your casino will be key. Kiwi players are particularly fond of playing online pokies and live casino table games. This is very different to countries like Germany where players tend to avoid pokies and play both traditional and live casino games exclusively.

The key game provider to integrate in NZ is Micro Gaming(see website Microgaming tend to build pokies that spin quicker, offer lower latency and are similar to the pokies you would find at your local. Netent are also popular but their games tend to require higher bandwidth which is not suitable to Kiwi’s living in rural areas where internet speeds can sometimes be much slower.
Microgaming A Pioneer of Online Casino xwidkc - Best Kiwi Casino Software


You have started your journey to launching an online casino off well by doing a bit of research. The process is not as simple as buying the software and launching a casino one week later.

The key to a successful launch is to design the casino around your team’s strength. If you have a strong brand team, build a brand. If you have a strong paid media team, build a casino that supports paid media and if you have a strong technical team with unlimited resources, take it in-house and dominate the market.

Good luck on your New Zealand casino journey.

The Importance of a Software Patent to the Casino Gaming Experience

A patent is given to software developers, only if they want to, whenever they make new software and before disclosing it to the public. This helps them ensure that no one can copy or distribute it in any way, at least not legally.

While casino companies tend to hire companies to provide ready-to-use software, many ICT companies in the casino industry make their own so their customers can have better gaming experience.

Here we look at how important patenting is when it comes to casino companies that make their own gaming software.

Strengthening the Existing Protection

PostImage Strengthening the Existing Protection Slotmachines on the sideview - The Importance of a Software Patent to the Casino Gaming Experience

While casino companies can protect their software on their own, patent systems are made to strengthen the protection.

For example, you can disclose your software to the public, but you can always hide some critical component so even an expert in software can’t copy it completely.

However, if you’re so fixated on protecting your software, you can always opt for a software patent. That way, they won’t attempt to copy your software in the first place.

Avoiding Copyrighted Versions

PostImage Avoiding Copyrighted Versions monitor with codes on the table - The Importance of a Software Patent to the Casino Gaming Experience

Patents are also important if you’re looking to avoid having copyrighted versions of your software. This is done by large companies such as Google and Apple.

Since their business ideas for their software is unique, it’s only natural for developers to copy that idea and make their own gaming software out of it.

With a software patent, even the idea used to create the software cannot be used by any means. That means you won’t be seeing a different version of your software anywhere legally.

Patent Infringement is Better than Copyright Infringement

PostImage Patent Infringement is Better than Copyright Infringement two person helping each other to debus some code on the computer - The Importance of a Software Patent to the Casino Gaming Experience

At least it is in the original developer’s side. If you have your own casino gaming software, there’s nothing wrong with relying solely on copyright law to protect your software.

However, if copyright infringement can result in the offender to pay a fine of $10 million, patent infringement is on another level.

This is evident when an anonymous company received $100 million from another company that violated the patent protection of software.

This means there will be fewer groups that will dare to violate such rules, knowing that the consequences for doing so are going to be significant.

There’s no denying that a software patent is beneficial for casino game developers. However, remember that there are merits on leaving your game as it is, such as publicity and better reputation.

5 Expert Tips to Select Software for Your Casino System

In the early days of the casino industry, managers kept books in their office where they record the processes undergone by their facilities. But that’s not the case anymore. Today, businesses make use of management software to handle records.

These types of software allow managers to increase their accuracy and reduce the chances of making an error compared to recording on paper. It also allows them to store, as well as access information with just a few clicks.

The problem is that there are countless options available and some of them can’t be trusted. They can either leak information from your company, or sell it to others.

Here we look at the most effective way to select a software that suits your needs as well as avoids complications with management.

Consider your skills and needs

PostImage Consider your skills and needs man coding in his laptop table - 5 Expert Tips to Select Software for Your Casino System

A business which is making $100,000 a year requires different software from a business making $100,000 a month. That’s why when opting for casino management software, consider your existing skills and the needs of your business.

Stay in budget

PostImage Stay in budget money measured budget wih calculator on the side - 5 Expert Tips to Select Software for Your Casino System

As previously mentioned, depending on how much you make, you should opt for a different type of software. More specifically, if you’re making more money than average, it’s best to opt for more specialized software for easier management.

Take note of additional features

PostImage Take note of additional features man explaining new features on the new developmenr - 5 Expert Tips to Select Software for Your Casino System

Features are rampant with different types of software due to the fact that competition is tight. Take out the features and you’ll find that many casino software is the same. So, it’s important to take note of the additional features rather than the main purpose of the software.

Get help from an accountant

PostImage Get help from an accountant man fixing some accounting stuff in his computer - 5 Expert Tips to Select Software for Your Casino System

If you’re looking for an accounting system, it would be best if you get help from your company’s accountant. After all, they have more experience and knowledge with accounting, even when it comes to software.

Opt for cloud applications

Cloud applications rely mostly on remote servers and communication between the software and the company developer is faster. There are many other benefits that come with cloud applications so consider them when choosing a casino management software.

Selecting a casino software is harder than most think. Whichever software you choose, remember that the short-term benefits are not as important than how you can benefit from the software in the long run.

The Benefits of Hiring ICT Companies for Your Casino Accounting System

As experts in the casino industry and CMS market, we know too well how important it is for large-scale organizations, such as a casino company, to get help from ICT companies.

Here are some of the most significant benefits you’ll get from hiring ICT companies when starting and running casino facilities.

More data and insights equal better decisions

PostIMage More data and insights equal better decisions man explaining some business tactics on her business partner - The Benefits of Hiring ICT Companies for Your Casino Accounting System

One problem when it comes to decision-making is that you can’t get enough information to make the perfect decision. However, this can be solved through technology.

When provided assistance from ICT companies, you’ll be offered software that allows you to gather real-time data and insights about your casino company.

That means your decisions will be better or at least result in the best conclusion given the situation you’re in.

Reports given any time of the day, anywhere you are

PostImage Reports given any time of the day anywhere you are laptop displaying some reports and tablet withh calendar on it - The Benefits of Hiring ICT Companies for Your Casino Accounting System

If you’ve been running a casino company for a while now, then you should probably know that your staff, as well as yourself, will be on the go most of the time.

This will cause many complications because you can’t get information while you walk through the facility.

This is, however, a different story when you have the support of ICT companies. This is because you’ll get information, wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Stay compliant to the regulations

PostImage Stay compliant to the regulations man fixing his nextie for a meeting - The Benefits of Hiring ICT Companies for Your Casino Accounting System

Due to the stress of running a casino company and the business you’ll be into; you won’t be able to handle everything.

This is especially true when complying with the existing regulations of New Zealand regarding casino facilities. Sometimes you can slip up and cause some trouble.

You won’t have to experience such events, though, if you’re backed up by an ICT company.

Electronic processes made easy

PostImage Electronic processes made easy blue light on laptop keyboard on zoom - The Benefits of Hiring ICT Companies for Your Casino Accounting System

There are several processes undergone in the casino company. One such process is when you do electronic operations such as payments.

As previously mentioned, you can’t possibly do everything perfectly when running a casino company. That’s why you have an ICT company to do it for you.

With their expertise, you can have no worries knowing that they have your back in such processes.

Be more organized with your accounts

PostImage Be more organized with your accountswoman checking reports on her tablet - The Benefits of Hiring ICT Companies for Your Casino Accounting System

Accounts in the casino industry are hard to manage, even if you have all the time in the world. Not only is it hard to understand, but you might make some mistake and mess things up.

This isn’t the case for ICT companies, however, because this is their line of expertise so you can leave it to them and do the things you are more accustomed to doing.

Securely store data in the digital world

PostImage Securely store data in the digital world cloud computing explanation on graphics - The Benefits of Hiring ICT Companies for Your Casino Accounting System

Any manager will agree that having files of cabinets in their office is frustrating. This can be avoided when you have an ICT company backing you up.

Not only will it offer more space in your office, but your documents will also have more security when storing your data digitally.

Properties won’t be too complicated

PostImage Properties won’t be too complicated happy people in a meeting discussing business - The Benefits of Hiring ICT Companies for Your Casino Accounting System

It’s only natural if you don’t know the importance of “properties” in the casino company, but that’s the case.

You don’t have much knowledge of such a process, and that’s when ICT companies come in. They can manage your properties easier with the use of convenient tools and software.

While there are many benefits with opting for the assistance of ICT companies, being unable to select a legitimate service provider can take away everything you’ve worked for. So, make sure you know how to check the background of ICT companies.

Top Casino Gaming Trends in 2019 Every Casino Manager Must Know

Since the beginning of the casino industry, technology has been advancing at a rapid pace. That’s why the industry had become fond of adapting such technology to their advantage.

Today we look at the top trends when it comes to casino gaming, how it affects the casino industry, and what technology has in store for them.

Global Positioning and Casino Offerings

PostIMage Global Positioning and Casino Offerings night light from lasvegas - Top Casino Gaming Trends in 2019 Every Casino Manager Must Know

We have all experienced the frustration of not knowing where the slot machines are and where restaurants can be found. That’s why GPS was adopted by the industry.

With its help, you don’t have to hunt for these places. Want to play slot games? Looking for blackjack tables? GPS has got you covered!

Facial Recognition and Cheating

Disguises, wigs, moustaches, cards up their sleeves, there’s no denying that cheating is rampant in the casino industry.

Fortunately, with the use of facial recognition, no one can escape identification from the little cameras hidden in the facility.

Ticket Vouchers and Payments

PostImage Ticket Vouchers and Payments black wallet with credit card to be out - Top Casino Gaming Trends in 2019 Every Casino Manager Must Know

Payments are handled by the staff, which means there’s a limit to what they can handle depending on the number of casino customers.

With the use of ticket vouchers, payment will be easier since it’s pretty much self-service and there’s no need to spend on additional staff members.

Internet and Gambling

PostImage Internet and Gambling woman using laptop on coffee shop - Top Casino Gaming Trends in 2019 Every Casino Manager Must Know

Online gambling has become widespread throughout the entire world that many gamblers never thought of going to land-based casinos anymore.

This is perhaps the most popular trend in the casino industry right now. The internet made it possible and there’s no way to predict what the internet can bring to the industry in the future.

Information and Communications Technology and Security

PostImage Information and Communications Technology and Security onlinesecurity featured - Top Casino Gaming Trends in 2019 Every Casino Manager Must Know

With the help of ICT companies, gaming processes such as storing data and records will be easier to handle.

Players will also have more security with their gaming due to the advanced technology brought by ICT companies.

MPLS and Processing

MPLS is best known for being a process used by companies when they send data from one place to another.

However, the most noticeable feature of such a process is that it’s the fastest possible way to transfer data. This is great since casino gaming undergoes lots of processes in a short period of time.

Encryption and Protection

PostImage Encryption and Protection podlock on codes - Top Casino Gaming Trends in 2019 Every Casino Manager Must Know

Due to advancing technology, ICT companies have now found a way to incorporate encryption to the industry.

This made it possible for casino gaming to have encryptions so players will have more protection when they’re gaming.

The casino industry is experiencing lots of changes, and it’s not just their gaming sector. However, one thing’s for sure – technology is influencing the casino industry. It’s only a matter of time before the industry relies mostly on technology.